question for raven!

Submitted by randy (droptine taxidermy) on 12/5/05 at 10:36 PM. ( )

i shot a big half rack and want to get the other side to match! can you do it? ive heared your one of the best!
please call randy @ 724-887-0447 or e-mail me your #
thank you

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Without a doubt

This response submitted by DaveT on 12/5/05 at 10:59 PM. ( )

Don't know Raven personally, but the best I have seen at recreating antlers is Tom Sexton.. bar none.


I sure can

This response submitted by Raven on 12/6/05 at 6:23 AM. ( )

Feel free to email me with some of the specifics. Doing recreations is something I love to do. If you have scoresheets and photographs we are off to a great start. I strive for perfection from overall shape right down to every ridge and groove visible in the photos... even the same type of burr texture!

With enough reference and input from you, we can put together a rack that no one will know is not the original, even at 6 inches away.

I believe in a give and take approach to recreations of clients specific racks. This means it may take a little bit longer to complete but the end result is something you will be 100% satisified with without compromise. It doesn't get molded until you feel that this looks like YOUR rack, not just A rack.

Talk soon...

Hey Raven

This response submitted by AndyO on 12/6/05 at 10:36 AM. ( )

Just wanted to thank you for all the advice you've given in the past. God knows I've used plenty of it! Glad to see your still around even though you dont post a whole lot anymore.

Thank You.... and Thank WASCO...

This response submitted by Raven on 12/6/05 at 4:53 PM. ( )

Thanks for the kind words Andy.. and be sure to thank Ken Edwards and WASCO. Its nice to know that the help offered in the past will benefit those in the future and thats all thanks to the archives.


This response submitted by Randy Martin KOOTENAI CUSTOM SKULLS on 12/6/05 at 7:11 PM. ( )

I'll take the opportunity to THANK YOU formally for your posts and contributions! THANKS RAVEN!

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