My bucks neck was BIGGER than that!

Submitted by J Best on 12/9/05 at 7:01 PM. ( )

I looked in the archives for this, but no answer.
I haven't had this happen yet, but again, I'm fairly new to taxidermy, and want to be prepared for some common problems I read about in here.
I'm going to start snapping a quick digital picture of neck meat measurements of deer (flexible tape around neck), with the antlers still attached, for proof somewhere down the line for someone that may say that the neck on their deer was "much bigger" than the actual mount.
It would only take a second, but could be very helpful as far as I'm concerned. I'll just snap a picture, print it off the computer, and staple it to the measurement log for each customer.
Just wondering if anyone has done this, or if you all think it may be a waste of time. Thanks

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J, it won't work

This response submitted by George on 12/9/05 at 7:08 PM. ( )

The guys who complain will claim that the tape measure is cut in the area the picture doesn't show or that you've stretched the tape or the tape's rubber. I keep what I've named as a "Trophy Data Sheet" and each buck that comes into the shop gets measured right then. All data is entered on that sheet as it existed on the unskinned buck along with the hunter's choice of poses and form to be used. When they pick the animal up, it's all there for them to see.

A couple years back, I had a guy bring in a 90 pound yearling forkhorn. When he came to pick it up, he complained that the neck wasn't "all rutted up". I told him that September deer aren't rutted up and a year and a half old buck doesn't have a big neck. He said, "Well, the other guy who used to do my work always mounted them on bigger forms." I asked him why he didn't take his work BACK to this guy and he said, "Cause your's looks more like a real deer". End of conversation.


This response submitted by J Best on 12/9/05 at 7:21 PM. ( )

Thanks for another informative and humorous answer George! Guess the best way would be to take quick measurements of the neck with hair on, while the cust was there and saw it documented on paper. Thats only in a perfect world though. I may try the picture method for awhile to see how it works out, but then again maybe I'll just accept that risk as part of the job.


This response submitted by B on 12/9/05 at 8:56 PM. ( )

The deer had a biger neck, The check is in the mail, and honest baby I won't cum in your mouth are the three bigest lies ever told. I just don't wory about such crap. I don't feel I should, nor will I ever defend myself aginst such things. I give them a great Job, at a fair price, and if they give me too much crap. I throw them out. well Not realy. But that is fairly close to what the boss does. LOL

its so easy

This response submitted by paul k on 12/9/05 at 9:45 PM. ( )

when checking in a deer, just quickly take a tape around the neck
caliper the eye to nose, and jot them down on your contract right in front of your customer. you will not have a problem duplicating the exact size, with a properly shaved and tanned cape.


This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 12/9/05 at 10:20 PM. ( forrestzoo@earthlinknet )

The only problem with that for me is that 98% of mine come in frozen with the whole skin wrapped around the head.

j best i do almost that

This response submitted by paul e on 12/10/05 at 7:10 AM. ( )

i have a digital
and as part of the check in i ask if i can take a photo of him or her with there trophy
i like to take a face shot and angle shot of the antlers anyway
i can get some reference for the size head and color of the nose,eyes and mouth
some deer are darker and some are lighter
i just dont make all the deer the same color when i paint
i try to match the color with the deer
when possible i take the hair measurement with the customer there
i show then the measurement on the log on sheet and i try to make them look at the tape when i do it
i dont have any problems with most
but George is right some will complain about anything
it actually helps wead them out
if they would call me a liar about what measurement i took
they can go to the cheap guy down the road
i dont need those kind of customers
now you cant do it on all deer or whatever because some come frozen
youll have to log it in and deal with the issues as they come
paul e

looks bigger

This response submitted by steve on 12/10/05 at 8:04 PM. ( )

alot of deer racks look bigger with a smaller neck give the customer that.

Think of it that way

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/10/05 at 8:12 PM. ( )

can a 250 pound heifer fit into size 5 jeans? No, and neither will a 16 inch neck cape fit over a 19 inch form.

Evelyn, you just ain't right

This response submitted by George on 12/10/05 at 10:39 PM. ( )

And all along, I thought they were sweathogs. LMAO.

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