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Submitted by Luke B on 12/12/05 at 1:48 AM. ( )

Hi everyone. I have a skull and antlers of a large whitetail buck that I found dead (27 points, 240+ B&C) that I want to have replicated. I think NAW is going to put a photo of it in one of the spring magazines, and after that I want to get a few replicas made. I would be willing to trade the rights for future replicas for a finished copy or two. Can anyone recommend anyone? I am located in NJ but can probably ship them....


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This response submitted by Raven on 12/12/05 at 6:11 AM. ( )

I am a reproduction specialist and would be interested in performing the work for you. I am not a taxidermist and perform no skin work myself - my entire focus with deer is to focus on reproducing their antlers to perfection; from initial molding through to custom colour match painting. To me, "close" just isn't close enough - I strive for an identical match in all aspects of the process in every project I work on.

I'll email you directly as well, talk soon.

Thanks Raven

This response submitted by Luke B on 12/12/05 at 7:09 AM. ( )

I look forward to recieving your email.

I know someone

This response submitted by Steve on 12/12/05 at 3:59 PM. ( )

Mike Gillis from Green Bay, WI makes replicas you can call him at (920)434-3998

RM antler reproductions

This response submitted by DJ on 12/12/05 at 10:11 PM. ( )

Try Rhett Reichoff in Bacroft, WI. He just did Gene Wensel's buck, 'Woody', who was on the cover of the Sept. 05 issue of NAW. All I can say is awesome! I'm actually thinking of buying another set of these! He's done alot of big boys, I don't have his number right in front me, but you should be able to call information.


This response submitted by Christopher Ferrieri on 12/12/05 at 11:06 PM. ( )

i seen his work, by far some of the best out there. I am ordering some from him in the future, maybe even a set of yours!

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