how many

Submitted by John Morley on 12/12/05 at 2:51 PM. ( )

I like to do my finish work in batches. Wondering do you finish your deer heads in groups or one at a time. If in groups how many do you usually do per group?

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i do

This response submitted by lee on 12/12/05 at 3:02 PM. ( )

one at a time, i do a more complete job that way.

Small Groups

This response submitted by Marc A on 12/12/05 at 4:17 PM. ( )

I do groups of 3 or 4 max. Due to the small area I work in, I have to get the 3 or 4 out so I can start new ones. After I mount 3 or 4, I will work on capes, and ducks and stuff until they dry.

In small groups

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/12/05 at 6:19 PM. ( )

of about 4 to 6. Usually that's the ones I have mounted in one week, and when they are dry I do them all together since I have my materials out and can do it more efficiently this way.

Me too

This response submitted by Mark H on 12/12/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

Groups of 3 to 6, like Evelyn depends on the batch of heads that are ready and I have all the materials out anyway.

2 to 3 at a time

This response submitted by Hogger on 12/12/05 at 11:56 PM. ( )

Because if I do more than that it means I had the first few hanging around too long.

6 to 10

This response submitted by Owen Eldred on 12/13/05 at 9:42 AM. ( )

Usually 8 is the number.


This response submitted by Mike on 12/13/05 at 9:58 AM. ( )

I typically do no less than two at a time. I have finished five in one day, but four is typically the norm. I flesh, turn, prep and salt four in a day.

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