less epidermis loss with wet tan

Submitted by Matt on 12/13/05 at 4:35 PM. ( )

I have mounted 5 deer in which i have sent off to the tannery. I make sure i flesh them real well, split eyes, ears, lips and nose. Then i salt dry them for 3 days changing the salt everyday. I then air dry them till they are rock hard. The last few capes i have got, there is epidermis loss around the eyes. These were all dry tannned. It is so hard to paint and match the areas of no epidermis to the areas with epidermis. Does temp. at which salting make a difference. Is it the tannery? I use the wildlife gallery in which i researched alot ahead of time and everybody had such good things to say about them. Will a wet tan solve my problems? Is there anything i can use to prevent this before i send off to the tannery? Thanks

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This response submitted by paul k on 12/13/05 at 5:40 PM. ( )

I've been using wildlife gallery as of late and have no dermal loss around the eyes, (wet tan).

not a problem

This response submitted by Van North Idaho school of taxidermy on 12/13/05 at 7:20 PM. ( northidaho@orofino-id.com )

WE teach all of our students the who cares about epidermis loss rule.
You will run into it a lot in taxidermy. So it comes down to how you handle
it when you finish the mount. We ALWAYS cover our areas to be painted
with dusty pink color first. this will even up the missing epidermis
and give your dark color around the eyes and nose a more unpainted flesh look.
Scott Brewer does an exellent demonstration of this in a video finishing a
mule deer from Research Mannikins.

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