Professional opinion

Submitted by Micheal Gilbert on 12/14/05 at 3:14 PM. ( )

Just trying to decide what to do with my 8pt - I'd like to hear from professionals what's the best looking pose out there and what brand of mannekins are they using. So far, I like the proud upright by rinehart and the full sneak. Opinions?

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Personal opinion? You picked the worst two poses

This response submitted by George on 12/14/05 at 3:46 PM. ( )

An upright looks like I feel during a proctology exam. When you see a deer in this position, it's full alert and spring loaded. The full sneak drops the antlers down where they lose their "regal" effect. I prefer the semi-sneak forms simply because the neck muscles are relaxed and look "brutish". And because I prefer that look, I prefer the McKenzie 6500 series. I get the antlers displayed, the neck full rutted and the relaxed look I appreciate in the huge whitetails.

I agree with George "wow"

This response submitted by EJ on 12/14/05 at 5:02 PM. ( )

I'll never get use to saying that? I like the 6500 semi-sneak also.
But this past season I had to do 2 Of the McKenzie 64D mounts, and really like the way the show the rack off, because the head is tilted down.


This response submitted by DEAN on 12/14/05 at 5:16 PM. ( )

I agree, McKenzies 6500 have the best necks and the new McKenzie HD series is a winner also, I would try either. --Dean--

My Advice

This response submitted by Mike on 12/14/05 at 5:36 PM. ( )

I use Rinehart forms almost exclusivly these days. I think they look great and save me time when mounting. The alert sneak is the most popular pose my customers choose and is probably my favorite too. The full sneak is really low. I have one in my studio on display and so far only one customer has chose that one. I also have a proud pose displayed in my studio that I mounted last year and not one person has picked that one yet. I'd say about 25% of my customers pick the alert sneak, 20% pick the upright and 20% pick the offset upright, which is also a good looking pose. Rineharts upright pose is very relaxed looking with the nose tipped down lower than the offset upright which is more alert.

down on upright

This response submitted by Mr.T on 12/14/05 at 9:08 PM. ( )

As George said, the upright is to hyperactive looking, I to go for the relaxed pose of the semi-sneak. This year, my customers are picking the semi upright most of the time. I do not mind them too much, and the full sneak needs to have the right antlers to come off right.


This response submitted by Hess Taxidermy on 12/14/05 at 10:45 PM. ( )

90% of my customers choose this form.

ben mears semi upright is my favorite

This response submitted by paul e on 12/15/05 at 7:09 AM. ( )

for just about all the reasons George said
this pose and brand really make the neck look bigger and we all know
that will please most customers

Revolution Forms 90/100 eyes

This response submitted by John Morley on 12/15/05 at 8:14 AM. ( )

Try one see if you like it... 90% of my customers ask for semi-sneak.

about rinehart

This response submitted by jt on 12/15/05 at 10:25 AM. ( )

I try to stay away from Rinehart forms. I think they lack detail and the brisket area always seems off to me. they may seem easier to mount because of their preset eyes but i don't think the eyes end up looking right either unless you do some rebuilding yourself. McKenzie's and Joe Meder forms tend to be the most popular and that's because they have the better detail and structure that others lack. as far as the poses i think it's actually up to you. look at some photos of mounts that are done on the forms and pick one that you like. don't go with what others seem to prefer. its your mount not theirs. what was the deer doing when you shot it? that's how a lot of my customers decide what mount to use.

i like offsets and sweeps and ...

This response submitted by Griz on 12/15/05 at 11:06 AM. ( )

even wall pedestals, but i guess that's just cause i don't get to do alot of those


This response submitted by Todd Adams on 12/15/05 at 11:11 AM. ( )

I agree with JT, Rinehart is very limited to the amount of poses to pick from. I like something with more variety. Also my customers usually end up picking a form by the way it was before it was harvested. I like to use Joe Coombs and McKenzie, both have amazing detail. Just my 2 cents.


This response submitted by Mike on 12/15/05 at 12:53 PM. ( )

I've got McKenzie and Medar forms in some of my studio deer head mounts. I also have Rinehart mounts. I have 16 mounts in total in my studio that represent all kinds of different poses. My customers always choose the Rinehart ones for their deer heads becasue they like the way they look. That being said; the customer is always right. I'll agree that the Rinehart forms lack certain sizes and poses like they don't have a right turn alert sneak rut manikin, when they have a left turn one of the same style. Basically, there have been no new forms added to the Rinehart line since McKinzie bought them and for that I will blame McKinzie for their lack of development in that line.

Personal opinion

This response submitted by Michelle W on 12/15/05 at 6:09 PM. ( )

I agree with EJ. I realy like the Semi-Sneek 64D Head down from McKenzie. It realy shows off the antlers and it is kinda an agressive pose. This is the mount I recomend at my shop.. It also is totaly up to the customer. I never try and push anything on anyone.


This response submitted by os on 12/15/05 at 7:39 PM. ( )

You are a trip!

I like George

This response submitted by rock on 12/15/05 at 9:57 PM. ( )

6500 75% of my work, George no what he's talking about.

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