It Works !

Submitted by Marc A on 12/21/05 at 8:10 AM. ( )

We read so much stuff on here, that I don't remember who's tip this was, but it works great. I had dammage in a mule deer and I White tail ear that I repaired and used the stick and pull a cotton ball method on to hide the repairs. Great Tip thanks !

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Maybe not the original poster

This response submitted by Warren on 12/21/05 at 9:10 AM. ( )

but I've seen George post this method of repair.

Thanx Warren

This response submitted by George on 12/21/05 at 11:13 AM. ( )

When I posted that on here about 5 years ago, they laughed me off the site almost. Then, now, somehow it seems to be acceptable. Go figure. LOL I keep telling you guys, "This ain't rocket science."

I not laughin'

This response submitted by Marc A on 12/21/05 at 1:29 PM. ( )

It worked great, Thanks for the tip George !


This response submitted by Hoopie on 12/21/05 at 8:54 PM. ( )

What am I missing out on here ?

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