Epo-Grip and lip tucking problem

Submitted by scott on 12/22/05 at 8:13 PM. ( sschuh@kans.com )

I seem to have a tough time while tucking the lips on mounts because the epoxie wants to stick to my tucking tool and when I pull it from the slot ,the skin wants to come out with it.I make my slots with a Victornox knife so the slot is narrow.I used to have problems with the skin pulling out as is dried down because I felt my slot was to wide the other way I had done it.The skin stays put now but I hate fighting to keep the skin from sticking to my tucking tool and pulling back out. Any body have an idea to prevent this?I leave abouat 1/4 to 3/8 inch skin to tuck with and thin well.

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wet the tool

This response submitted by Jim on 12/22/05 at 8:27 PM. ( )

I wet the tool with water. I dip it in watr and tuck works good. JIm

Try less epoxie.

This response submitted by don on 12/22/05 at 9:29 PM. ( )

Sounds like you have to much "boogie". It doesnt take much, just a thin coat will work.

You shouldn't have to use epoxy on lips

This response submitted by Craig on 12/23/05 at 10:04 AM. ( )

I use a flathead screwdriver and Buckeye Supreme Hide Paste and have never had a problem. Of course the lips skin needs to be thinned good. That stuff just washes off with water.

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