Submitted by TROY on 12/24/05 at 1:06 AM. ( DTHTHORPE@NETZERO.COM )

I live in P.A. whre they tag the deer in the ear,some use there knife and slice the ear! any ideas on how to fix this.

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another one

This response submitted by B on 12/24/05 at 2:56 AM. ( )

Of Pa great Ideas. The PGC actually prescribes how to tag a deer. and says one must be tagged in the ear. Anyhow, I skin up the back, Tan the hide, Then remove the cartilage completely the hole made for the tag can then be covered with silk span or a dryer sheet, and a bit of Crazy Glue. then just glue the ear liner in.


This response submitted by George on 12/24/05 at 8:23 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

That's how many times that exact same question has been asked here. How do I know? I clicked that orange SEARCH icon in the left margin and typed in "split ears". Amazing what happens when you follow directions.

george george george

This response submitted by terryr on 12/24/05 at 11:29 AM. ( )

my search says only 668 times (LOL)

split ear

This response submitted by jesse w. on 12/24/05 at 2:33 PM. ( )

remove cartilage like normal,I use superglue and masking tape to fix and cover the tag hole. LOL Jesse W.

watch out

This response submitted by the man on 12/24/05 at 9:49 PM. ( )

Watch out for the taxidermy police!(GEORGE)

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