How do you attatch a deer skull to a wooden panel (European

Submitted by C. Wayne on 12/24/05 at 9:01 PM. ( )

I just finished my first european deer skull mount and i am not sure how to attatch the skull to a wooden panel

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got this for ya george

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look left see orange button,push it,then type in
attach the skull to a wooden panel.
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Thanx Jason

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Attaching skulls

This response submitted by Leapin on 12/25/05 at 9:44 AM. ( )

I pack paper into the brain cavity about half full. I then mix bondo and glass chop and thin it with a little with resin. I then pour the bondo into the remaining cavity and place and eye-bolt (local hardware store) and let the bondo kick. I then drill a hole in the plaque and counter sink the nut and attach the skull. This works and all sizes of skulls. Takes about 15 minutes and it is a solid attachment. Hope this helps you.

Take a look at Trophyhanger

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At no panel needed

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