What is the best way to tint ears while using Ear-Magic

Submitted by 300 winchester on 12/24/05 at 9:10 PM. ( )

Ive never used it before but im goinig to try it on my next mount, I was what is the best way to tint causing a translucent effect

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Tempera paint

This response submitted by George on 12/24/05 at 9:18 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

This mixes well as do the WASCO colors for tinting artificial water. I'm not one who believes in tinting replacing the painting inside the ears, but for those who do, that's the ticket.

Pastel Chalks and tinting powder also work well

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 12/25/05 at 7:29 AM. ( )

We usually use pastel chalk to tint, all you need is to shave off a little bit from the stick with a knife blade. You can buy a good selection of colors at an art store and theres no problem blending colors either with the chalk.

ear magic

This response submitted by Keith on 12/25/05 at 9:24 AM. ( lostpinestaxidermy@yahoo.com )

i use red flock from joe coobs. works great.

ear magic tint

This response submitted by Jimmy on 12/27/05 at 11:42 AM. ( )

As mentioned, tempura paint. I would recommend a few small test mixes. I have used this method in the past. I used a small, damp (acid) brush to pick up a small amount of red then brown. "flick" it into one component of the ear magic, mix well, get your color, split it into two equal "piles" then mix correct amount of the other component. If you haven't used it yet, you will find this stuff is FAST, one ear at a time. I have had it look good when mixed, medium flesh look, that turned to grape jelly purple when dried. Had to paint to correct. I only use it now for small mammal ears. It does work as an awesome and quick adhesive.

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