European mount/ To pull the nose cartlidge or not?

Submitted by Doug on 12/25/05 at 2:08 AM. ( )

I'm new to the whole european mount scene, but have found great info in the archives. Anyhow I boiled one up and pulled the nose cartlidge(the piece in between the nostrils) out. Someone told me your suppose to leave it in there. Not sure how I would have done that as the Sal Soda made mine turn into a noodle.

My next step is whitening. Any suggestions?, if not I'll search the archives, but I mainly want to know what you guys do with the verticle strip in the nose.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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This response submitted by Rancid on 12/25/05 at 9:09 AM. ( )

The white part you're talking about is taken out.It's cartilage and not bone.All the other stuff in there stays.Peroxide for whitening.Rancid

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