HD series

Submitted by tim on 12/25/05 at 9:55 PM. ( )

Has any one tried the HD form;dose it show the swell of the neck off like the 6500 form;or do you just get more shoulder than the 6500.thanks to those that respond.

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This response submitted by George on 12/25/05 at 10:37 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I've used the HD series and MY OPINION is that it should be reserved for special mounts. Some antlers won't display well in that pose and it seems more like an aggressive pose to begin with. If that's what you're looking for, it will be great. But PERSONALLY, the 6500 is hard to beat when you're looking for steroidal deer poses. You get the full benefit of the relaxed musculature and a great pose for those big burly deer.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/26/05 at 2:54 PM. ( )

I didnt get the impression that George got, to the point that I wonder if we are talking about the same form. I received one early on to try, and I absolutely loved it. I wanted heavier shoulders, and a much heavier muzzle. I also liked the "lay" of it as a semi sneak. Im a big fan of the semiUpright forms, but the HD in the semi sneak pose is going to change my mind, I think.


This response submitted by tim on 12/26/05 at 7:38 PM. ( )

the HD is a new form by McKenzie in semi sneak;not the 64D whitch is a head down form.I was wondering the HD dosent give a neck size,like full or heavy swell like the 6500,between the two bill witch form showed off the neck better in your opinion.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/27/05 at 12:46 AM. ( )

I like some of the 65's better than others. I think some 65s are right on. At least for my mounting style, and the deer I mount most. The HD just is a bit more accurate and updated, I guess. To me, its all in how you stack the hide on the form anyway, as far as neck size within a size form.


This response submitted by tim on 12/27/05 at 6:56 PM. ( )

thanks for your respons bill and george.

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