to george (especially) and to jason

Submitted by jt on 12/26/05 at 4:46 PM. ( )

regarding the comments on the skull mount question below.....and i'd be interested to see some responses from others in who agrees and disagrees with my thoughts.....

george and jason like have are about as arrogant as they come on this site. they like to talk big and make others feel small. george and jason why don't you post a website for us to view your work. taxidermy is something that takes some instruction and practice to accomplish. i've only been doing this for a little more than five years and i'm quite sure i don't have all the answers. but i know one thing, after doing this for only a couple years i could talk the same bullcrap that those two talk. they may have been around for 20 years, maybe more, maybe less but more than likely that means their work looks like it too. there are a lot of taxidermists that talk the talk but when you look at their work it's no better than the next guy. and quality of work aside, they must forget what it was like just starting out and looking for as much help as they could find. taxidermy isn't something that you figure out over night. there are some things, george, that i agree with you on but a lot of times you are just down right rude and impatient. for as long as it takes you to type "go type in la dee da dee da in the search and la dee da dee da some more you could have just typed the answer and been done with it. and not only that, but maybe someone with a different idea or different advice is on the site now that wasn't before and has a different suggestion. you arent trying to help by sending the person to the search section you are only trying to degrade them and make yourself look knowledgable and important. get off your high horses. hell, you are wishing everyone a merry christmas but you aren't being to kind.

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La Dee Da JT

This response submitted by John on 12/26/05 at 5:08 PM. ( )

Too many people have very little patience and want the answers just given to them without having to work for it. The only time George ever got snippy with me is when I handed out piss poor info or asked DUMB A$$ question. George has answered EVERY question I emailed him about and in very quick order. Heck, I did it again a couple of weeks ago when I asked for reference photos without looking first and got repremanded, but I deserved it. Grow up a little! If you don't like what George has to say then don't read it!

Answer for you

This response submitted by Paul I on 12/26/05 at 5:16 PM. ( )

Here is your answer JT.Those other taxidermists you talk about care more about their own work and do not take the time to help others.Go read the archives and come back to say you were wrong.Shooting stars burn out and I seen them come and go but George has always been there to help someone in a pinch.Facts speak for themselves.

where do i start

This response submitted by jason on 12/26/05 at 6:13 PM. ( )

settle down,do u know why we say search it
its cause there may be 50 answers to a single question,the way i do something may be not be the way the person asking the question would like to do it. when u search something it gives u many different ways which may all be correct, holy sh%$^ did not mean make u wet your pants.

have a happy new year jason

jt- take you're medicine

This response submitted by Mr.T on 12/26/05 at 6:17 PM. ( )

you wrote: but maybe someone with a different idea or different advice is on the site now- did you ever think that there is nothing new asked here, and that everything CAN BE FOUND under the search button as someone with a different idea or different advice has already posted the answer here. If you have kids and they ask the same questions repeatedly, you would get testy too. You are not the first to come here and look for friends to back you to side against George and others that tell you what you do not want to hear. How could George hurt you? You are setting miles away from him in you're house behind a computer. When you change you're mind and think of George as a gold mine of information, you will appreciate him for who he is. Some of my best schoolteachers growing up were blunt and rough at first but that is just how they were. Not all medicines taste good or are easy to swallow. Nevertheless, you take them because of the improvements they will give you. Suck it up and get over it.

jt, you're almost not worth the time I take answering you

This response submitted by George on 12/26/05 at 6:29 PM. ( )

That tired ass excuse about"you could have typed the answer just as quickly as it took you to tell me to go search" is just that and a crock of crap as well. If I catch fish for you, you starve to death when I leave. If you learn how to fish, you don't depend on anyone. I DID answer that question before and if you don't think I did, get off your lazy ass and click that orange SEARCH icon and scoll down. In fact, I probably answered it half a dozen times before I got tired of fishing for you. ME IMPATIENT? What does that make YOU? You want to be spoon fed instead of having to work for it. What does the quality of my work have to do with the validity of my answers? You'll never see me bragging about my work, but I have LEARNED FROM DOING what works and what doesn't. And that's over 47 years. So in the 5 years you've been sponging off the voices of experience, I've likely forgetten more that you'll ever learn in your sorry life. In fact MOST of what I know is outdated and totally useless to the modern taxidermist. You are like dozens of others here who don't fawn over you. Yet if you ever met me in person, I could say the exact same things I type here and you'd never give it a second thought. Yet on here, you know you're sneeking free information that many of these "schools" would charge dearly for. So when you get caught being lazy, you want to strike back and pretend to defend your honor. What honor? And the good thing about all this? I always post my name and my email at least once on every posting I make. If you take it personally, you can always just click on that address and cuss me out privately OR you could just skip right over it and ignore it. But then again, often I'm the only one who answers silly assed questions. Right? Seems like a smartassed answer should be better than no answer at all.


This response submitted by Randy Martin on 12/26/05 at 8:03 PM. ( )

I know it is hard to hold your tongue and be patient and show respect for one another as human beings from the keyboard but I am no spring chicken and I grew up that if you talked like a lot of people do here on this forum face to face that somebody would get seriously hurt. I am not perfect as some think they are here and am not proud of taking cheap shots. This forum is a wonderful tool and it is obviously taken for granted. The old school also that I remember so well is that if you can't say something good or positive then keep it to yourself. I don't always live by this but at least I'm trying. I sometimes enjoy this forum except for the smartass NEGATIVE replys that happen occasionally. Like I said earlier I am guilty too......but if you can't help sombody then shut the F*%K UP!
I hope like heck some of you are at the National Show this year...I'll certainly be looking for you! Just remember...Nobody and I mean NOBODY likes a smartass! So if it really makes you feel better and ya'll want to do some name calling...bring it on. I guarantee you I know some you never heard!


This response submitted by Greg Waite on 12/26/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

I must have missed something. But let me just give my 2 cents on this post. WAAAAAA! JT, you just don't get it... George is one of the most respected and disrespected persons on here. You either love him or you don't. Let me tell you what I know about George, he's an old fart, but we all look to him for information because George is one of the few people that care about making sure you or I don't screw something up. As far as qualifications or a website to view his work, why? Why should he cater to you or anyone? I wouldn't, I got ripped because of what was viewed as my inexperience. Part of being a man, is being able to take it and move on. I understand the frustrations of looking for information and not getting the answers, but Check the archives and see how many posts of the same question or similar have been posted. As far as the quality of George's work, there are very few taxidermist out there that have written and had published articles and photos in our trade magazines. As far as typing "la de dah this" or whatever you wrote, have you ever heard of doing some of the leg work yourself. Again I'm not knocking you but the answers are right there <- . Sorry about going on .... but George has helped me out on more than one occasion, and YOU DID ASK.


This response submitted by michael p. on 12/27/05 at 9:00 AM. ( )

stop looking like a PAVIANESEL! george and jason were right about those two ZIEGEBUMSER'(randy i was just kidding when i called you that i was just being a smart ass)by the way is smart ass two words or one-oops, sorry i think i was just being a smartass again(i spelled smartass your way this time-damn...there i go again) anyway,
sometimes sarcassim can be the only way to let some people uderstand that you cant come on here and lie. theres no way in hell jt done taxidermy for over 5 years when he cant be over 9 years old-i mean with that mentality he cant even get a drivers license. jt do you ever stop to realize that maybe thats how they got the knowledge was through experience and if they had to ask the same damn simple questions every damn day that on tasks that are so minute compared to the other areas that if your gonna be a taxidermist you probably would have done some f...... 2 minute research on! instead of being curios your lazy! and then when thats pointed out some one comes on with this whiny crap YOUR NOT NICE well you better be damn glad you have someone telling you that lifes simplest goals arent accomplished by having everything given to you. you HAVE to have the ability to read and absorb-you are the f..... problem in this country right now! EXPERIENCE IS NOT TAUGHT-LESSONS ON THE EXPERIENCE will not move ahead with out finding out ahead of time where they sell gas before you buy a car. and you jackasses(not you randy, i can see a little of your point-except for the smartass thing-you must have a dry sense of humor) would have 70 brands of fuel in front of you and ask someone where you get gas at-are you that damn selfconscious that a little sarcasim to get you headed right but STILL HAS NOT LED YOU THERE upsets you? can you even make your bed, cause you can not even type in "skull mount" on a computer and read-f... both of your selfish whining ass-get off your un ambitious ass and bug someone else most of the time you have to research the topic because the people that put forth the information in the first place dont have time to keep writing the sam damn book over and over again! and if people like you expect(JUST AN EXAMPLE) mr.Rittel to answer every simple question for you over over and over when the hellk would he have time to keep advancing his products! listen, your doing a euro mount and dont even have the ambition to read about then you dont have no damn business doing it in the first place. thats the whole damn reason this world has taxidermists because so many people have no ambition to do this job just like apperantly cwayne doesnt.

you guys need help

This response submitted by jt on 12/27/05 at 10:15 AM. ( )

first off, go look at the questions i've asked in the past and you will find maybe one or two. i'm not referring to questions i'm asking. Most of my postings are answers to questions. I'm referring to how other people are treated on this site, not me. In fact, i typed how i agree with george most of the time. i have looked at archived postings and in fact have looked at george's specifically. i have noticed a change though in his answers from a couple years ago to now. he is getting more impatient. I'm trying to manage and look out for some of the others on this site. to be honest, i think that if you are a beginner on this site you should be at the beginner section not this section but hey, how am i going to force someone to go there? Michael P, your comments made absolutely no sense. 9 years old? your english and lack of ability to form a sentence is proof of your lack of education. how were you even able to rig it up to get internet in the hole in the ground you obviously live in? george, all i'm saying is that you should try being more patient or start a site with a password that you can have only the experienced and common sense people logged onto it so you don't have to get testy with the overly asked questions. then you guys can pat each other on the back on there and make yourselves feel good about yourselves. what does that tell someone when you are the most complained about person on this site? i guess that is something to brag about.

i broke off

This response submitted by michael p. on 12/27/05 at 11:49 AM. ( )

part of that stick that was stuck up your a.. to dig it.(just kidding)seriously though how many times does george have to explain the same damn thing,? hell after that many times the pope would probably slap someone.listen, i' real busy right and my uneducated butt dont know how to type but i will give you the full reason why i am so headstrong on this subject a little later on today. p.s. yall wanna start a little side pot on who will have heard of the most names that randy can call us?

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