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Submitted by Griz on 12/27/05 at 7:26 PM. ( )

I got a deer in with huge, oblong pedicals(antler base), and they weren't nice crisp, curved, smooth circles either, they were jagged squiggly edges.(The rack was a normal typical 120 rack, just very large, spread out bases, no mass to the rack) And I was just curious if this deer hadn't been shot, would he have filled out his pedicals next year? Or even gotten bigger? I know genetics play a large part, but i didn't know if pedicals ever shrunk to a "normal" size after a year of fluke antler bases, or if they were destined to be massive bases.

Oh and my dog brought me a nice Christmas present on Christmas day, One half of a 130 pt rack! Right on the steps to the front door! A clean snapped off shed! I was a little excited but i more disappointed because this was the deer i had been bowhunting fot two and a half months! I never got a shot with a bow but i was within 50 yards with a 30.06 and he stood there for over 3 minutes--- talk about tempting- right in the middle of a crp field- we were just looking at each other. I was just hoping to get him during late muzzleloader. I guess if i get him now he might still have his other half.

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This response submitted by jmkrahn on 12/27/05 at 11:08 PM. ( )

I have an article by Dr. James Kroll where he quotes from a study he did, and he says that the pedicels are the only antler measurement that always increases every year of the deers life. They will never get smaller the next year. He is considered one of the foremost experts in the world on deer management and biology.

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