Hair Replacement

Submitted by Darrell on 12/28/05 at 9:51 AM. ( )

I have already looked at the archives and I am past the point covered in the archives. I have a deer I need to finish and it has a small spot on the back of the neck where the hair slipped a little. Yesterday I cut some hair from the excess and laid it over the area working it in to place with my fingers. You absolutly could not tell there was a problem.

How do you attatch this hair?

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Do I dare say it? It's in the archives

This response submitted by George on 12/28/05 at 12:06 PM. ( )

In fact, I just "re-covered" it last week. You paint a thin coat of RTV (clear silicone) bathtub caulk over the spot. Work from the back side of the spot to the front, tucking that last snippet under the existing hair. I use a dental pick and lift the existing hair to insure there's no gap in the repair and then gently brush it down with the palm of my hand before letting it dry.

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