update on the skull mounts, 2 questions

Submitted by birdgirl on 12/28/05 at 7:14 PM. ( )

after being told I had "gasoline ass" by George, I went ahead and put my 2 white tail skulls back into the maceration container and let them stink awhile longer LOL.Anyway, they finished up real nice, I went ahead and washed them in Dawn to cut any residual grease then bleached them with peroxide again and they really do look beautiful now with no problems but one, I cant get rid of the smell! they are completely dry and nice and white but if you put your nose near them P.U. ! are they supposed to keep that lovely rot water fragrance? should I leave them natural or give them some type of clear coat for protection?

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you need to soak them in the ....

This response submitted by Randy on 12/28/05 at 9:01 PM. ( )

dawn and warm water for a few days at least. If they smell then they still have grease in the bone or maybe even some tissue. Rittels super solvent is superior to dawn but not as cheap or as available. It is important to degrease before trying to whiten. Krylon matte works but it takes a few coats and drys clear. Lacquer sprays give more of a yellower natural look.


This response submitted by michael p on 12/29/05 at 7:30 AM. ( )

the damn things in a pot 3-4 gallons water with a box of baking soda then get your air compressor and blow the hell out of the head. if you dont have a air compressor, jump in a pickup truck(horns in the bed) and haul ass to the closest full service gas station around you take your air gun with you and grab theyre air hose pop off there chuck, put your gun on the hose and procede to blow the hell out of every orfice on that head-be carefule though and watch out on the brain stem hole that the air pressure doesnt force the rotten brain tissue left in cavity onto you cause i dont care if you look like one of them women on the mexican channel, no one will come around you if ya neede help! ---HOLD THE DAMN PHONE ,i just felt a little a.d.d. and decided to go over and read your first post, mike shuda and evylyn have given you what the hell you exactly need to do and you dont even acknowledge or try or use it. w.t.f. are you doing, you ask a question someone gives profesionaly, factual, good, proven answers and you #1dont even listen to what the profesional kindly and professionally told you how to succeed with the method you prefer. she explains it personally to you you and then 2 weekslater you post the STUPIDEST QUESTION EVER(IN MY OPINION)IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE ARCHIVES-are hoping she'll say something different so you can blame her for your negligence and stupidity when you ruined the skulls-we need kojak or columbo on this one, cause the skulls are gonna smell like roses compared to you when these "customers"find out they were actually dealing with a thief(your to dumb to be called a con artist),you are agreeing to provide a paying service to someone based on the experience when you were to lazy to take the head out of the tree after dressing the deer(1 1/2 years- this isnt all wrestling fans that read this forum)simmering takes care of all that "crud" -raw meat is gonna stink!so simmer the damn thing like you would a stew and at the same time your getting rid of the grease -but you said you dont ever wanna boil bones -but you blasted the hell out of it with a pressure washer WTF?! i understand and respect how indians want the culture and AMAZING SKILLS passed down through there heritage-how the hell can you say that simmering hurts bones till you've tryed it. the indians worshiped the buffalo-and you worship a male bone.if you have such strong opinions with out the experience, why ask,. you already know what works in your scam theory . ms evylyn told you exactly how to do it through her EXPERIENCE (she knows you dont, thats why you asked in the 1st place, do you comprehend that?) she is very qualified taxidermist who took her valuble time on the exact same question she has answered and is archived, for you to absorb and try to follow. instead of being like george, she took more time with you and you did not do one damn thing she suggested for you to be succesful(i dont understand why george is blasted for not singing yoko's husband "IMAGINE"every day and acting like a hypocrytical liberal closet fag)i swear if some of you had control over taxidermy in the world you would not let the jets and coombs of the world be so damn good so they would not hurt the self esteem of others or you would turn it into one big [a supply company]. i'm fed up with the entitlment attitude you and so many others on here and america have. on here by not wanting to spend any time and try and learn something on the masterbation method of boning a white head or whatever the hell you call that process. she told your non listening flammable ass her customers are expected to wait 4 months and there happy and they look good.let me tell you something as a fact 4 months completion time in a taxidermy shop for ANYTHING is damn good. you should-ah never mind im not even gonn waste my time onu

YEOW.........That ought to leave a mark!

This response submitted by Randy on 12/29/05 at 9:08 AM. ( rdmartin53@aol.com )

Michael P...Either I missed something or somebody is off their MEDS. LOL!


This response submitted by tjay on 12/29/05 at 10:11 AM. ( )

someone is off his rocker

RANDY-THE ANSWER IS BOTH!trying to do those 7 day

This response submitted by michael p on 12/29/05 at 10:32 AM. ( )

work weeks in 4 days and just a lot of stupidity at the shoP here by 1 employee and i read this and did have a moment.-i mean it was explained so gracefully to her and it was important for customers and she completly ignores EVERY THING said the heads have rotten tissue still in themm and has the balls to still think that she's doing perfectly right the in her short cut except for that one little thing someone is gonna give her that majic key to-how to get rotten smell outa rotten meat- and she' really thinking about finishing them-theres gotta be something else, cause if i call you for true working advise , u give it , i ignore it but keep looking for advise when i know its either put the damn thing in water 6 more weeks or start the pot! i'm fishing for something. hell i gotta go the my fingers starting to tremble again

michael p

This response submitted by Randy on 12/29/05 at 10:44 AM. ( )

michael....de-caff! LOL! New Year is just around the corner. All the SH*T is small so don't sweat it. I've got one last teen-ager soon to be in college. He can smell blood from a deer tag from 20 feet away. I use him for testing skulls before I whiten. Me..I couldn't smell a car full of farts. If birdgirls skulls stinks then she will know what not to do next time.


This response submitted by michael p on 12/29/05 at 2:16 PM. ( )

where i loose it though!she new what not to do this time, because of the expert advice she asked for and got. she still knows exactly what to do,and not to do because she answer isnt being rushed by the CUSTOMER , but says she has to get it out right no because one took a year 1/2 . but she doesnt do any of it properly and has the audacity or to ask some one if theyre suppose to have that rot smell!hell no its not suppose to smell rotten you idiot!why ask the guidance dont mean crap to her anyways? i'm probabably wrong but i think theres something else screwed up here(besides me, we all know that already)she's fishin for something to use an excuse-seriously-she asked if there suppose to smell rotten and expects a yes or no answer, thats self explanatory unless the people sleep in the chicken house. wish she'd takem to the the local coffee shop, bank or insurance company-something- and hangem, put a big ass sign with her name, phone#, and george and joeys e-mail address(just b.s.n), and then she will know if theyre suppose to have that rot water fragrance! i went back and reread her post again and it pisses me off more! look bird ass on your last statement you said you dont boil because it causes the yellowing- well youre wrong , yellowing is caused by several different circumstance, including what you said if the process is done wrong, that is not the only damn reason and if i had a problem with it why do mine look good after so long becausr i took the advice of my peers and used it, i didnt ask if its normal to smell rotten -you seem like you would be satisfied to tell your customers that its suppose to stink if someone would tell you that it should, if the customers agree with you that it should smell rotten then we've got a fairy tale. heres the low down-the damn smell is rotten f..... tissue-your really thinking about finishing ,sealing and giving this to customers-i'll tell ya what maybe in a year or so the damn light will go on in your head when you are gonna be the reason these customers will be loosing there other mounts that taxidermists did do proudly and correctly, because it started with 2 rotten heads in the house that the dermstid beatles thougt was a buffet, cause the taxidermist didnt care about natrul or the customer, all they cared about was finding a quick way out

Go easy on her Michael

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/29/05 at 4:26 PM. ( )

LOL. Michael I appreciate your enthusiasm in this case and also the fact that you defended my reply to her. Don't scold her too much though. She'll learn the hard way not to rush things in the future. As I always say, some things cannot be rushed if they are to be done right.

Birdgirl you rushed everything from start to finish. Maceration takes time but it does give you the best results. After taking the skull out of the maceration bath it needs to be throughly rinsed with clean water to make sure no meat residue is left behind anywhere including the brain cavitiy. Then the skull needs to sit out in the sun for a minimum of one to two weeks. This gets rid of the stinky smell you are referring to and pre bleaches the skull (uv rays from the sun).

When you put the skull in the peroxide it should not be smelling any more. If it does, do not bleach it yet but let it sit out a few more days. Some skulls take longer then others. The older the animal, the longer it is going to take to be cleaned.

Don't ever let a customer rush you into anything. They either can have it done right or fast, but not both. I for one refuse to rush anything since my name goes on every animal that leaves my studio, so this leaves my customers with only one option,they get it done RIGHT.


This response submitted by birdgirl on 12/29/05 at 4:33 PM. ( )

putting aside the beration by the others, thank you for responding again and I want to clarify that there is no meat or tissue at all left on the skulls, they are also completely white.The smell is beginning to go away as well.Thank you for sharing your methods and I still will never boil a skull.I am very happy with the maceration process and results.I also found out that this is a really hot topic! LOL

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