antler replication

Submitted by Steve Kulback on 4/5/06 at 12:31 PM. ( )

My friend and I found a set of shed antlers we would like to replicate.
I have been a taxidermist for 15 years and I am embarrased to say
that I am in the dark on this subject.
The replication of horns is one thing but antlers is another. Any
practical knowledge or publications on the subject would be greatly
appreciated. I am willing to compensate for any help.



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Taxidermy Today

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 4/5/06 at 12:32 PM. ( )

ran a series of articles on reproducing antlers by Rick Carter. Call them and buy the back issues. Hope it helps


This response submitted by Mr.T on 4/5/06 at 12:41 PM. ( )

Dont you mean Erich Carter, and not Rick? Good articles, and Rick has good articals also.


This response submitted by paul k on 4/5/06 at 3:33 PM. ( )
Copy and paste above to your browser, You will get some what of an idea, the work involved and the materials required. Have fun!

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