Antlers for Outdoor display

Submitted by Mike on 4/6/06 at 10:34 PM. ( )

There is an outdoor museum near me with several figures of deer an elk and a moose. The statues are quite old and the antlers very weathered, some in pretty sad shape. Like anything else, the musuem is looking for a cheap repair or replacement. The antlers need not be extremely detailed, but should look somewhat realistic. Any advice here? Thanks in advance.

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Ude Bondo and make the repairs.

This response submitted by The Undertaker on 4/6/06 at 10:40 PM. ( )

Once you have that finished, coat with catylized polyester resin, YOu may need to experiment with the ratio, using a bit mor MEKP to kick the resin. But you can do it!

Maybe I should ask

This response submitted by Mike on 4/7/06 at 9:40 AM. ( )

if there would be an economical way to replace the antlers with different ones? The antlers there now are falling apart and all have hairline cracks throughout. They actually look like grey, weathered wood. I was thinking that artificial antlers would be a more permanent solution, or sheds that were treated to hold up against the weather.

I have seen...

This response submitted by Gina on 4/8/06 at 1:34 PM. ( )

I dont know how much it would cost, but there are archery targets, 3d ones that have large plastic antlers. Maybe you can get a few from a supplier?

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