mache or clay around skull

Submitted by steve on 4/9/06 at 3:07 PM. ( )

I am beginner, so don't laugh. Why use paper mache to cover the skull plate and around the antler bases instead of critter clay? Does the mache harden and the clay doesn't? Thanks.


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Both harden eventually

This response submitted by George on 4/9/06 at 3:24 PM. ( )

Personally, I prefer Bondo with cabosil added to do the skull work. It cures quickly and there's no water trapped under the hide like the other two. Mache will harden within a few minutes at most while Critter Clay (a little expensive) will harden within a day or two. Regular "potters clay" will work in this area well. It's cheaper and may take a day or two longer to harden, but it works.


This response submitted by steve on 4/9/06 at 3:28 PM. ( )

Thanks for the reply!


Potters clay!

This response submitted by Johnny B on 4/9/06 at 3:54 PM. ( )

I used to use mache but wasted time waiting for it to dry. Now use potters clay, cheaper than critter clay. Hobby Lobby sells it, no shipping costs.


This response submitted by swt on 4/9/06 at 6:42 PM. ( )

I use mache, and hang a blow dryer on the antlers to dry it. Dry in no time at all where critter clay or potters clay will take several days to dry.

I usually...

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 4/9/06 at 6:50 PM. ( )

do all my prep work while waiting on the tan. I wrap the head with plastic wrap, and then mix plaster and mache to fill and build the skull plate. After it dries some, pop it off, set it aside to dry the rest of the way. While it's drying, I scuff the form etc. Hope it helps


This response submitted by hs on 4/9/06 at 6:53 PM. ( )

with swt. I have used bondo but just hate the smell of it.

To all of you

This response submitted by Matt on 4/9/06 at 10:01 PM. ( )

I had used all those methods in the past and wasn't real happy with the results, especially clay. Van Dykes fast set mache will set up really fast for you and you don't have to fight with soft clay. After all prep work and pulling the cape on the form, I set my antlers and then mache. While the mache sets I prep my ear butts and by that time (10 min.) the mache is set and you can work around a hard set surface. I agree, bondo is nice, but the smell. I mix the mache with warm water and it sets even faster. Try it, you'll like it. Hope this helps and enjoy.

Sorry I meant

This response submitted by Matt on 4/9/06 at 10:04 PM. ( )

Research Manikin's fast set mache, I tried to substitute Van Dykes fast set one day and it was still wet after I was completely done mounting.

Mache or clay

This response submitted by Leapin on 4/10/06 at 9:31 AM. ( )

I have used Matt Thompson's mache for years on fish, deer, and etc. If you want it to set quickly add some salt if you want to slow it down use borax. It the toughest mache you can find. Give it a try, you will like it.

i like bondo

This response submitted by paul e on 4/10/06 at 11:04 AM. ( )

mache is ok but i like the option of brad,or pins if needed
with the bondo if you get a surprise you can brad or pin and it will
the mache will give way sometimes

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