Joe Meader mule deer forms?

Submitted by Steve on 4/10/06 at 10:47 PM. ( )

Just wondering if Joe Meader makes mule deer forms or anyone that will fit a short cape? The arm pits are pretty much absent on this cape. Thanks, Steve

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Why not just

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 4/11/06 at 12:55 AM. ( )

order a regular form and cut it off to match your cape. reinstall the back board and you are good to go. It probably is going to look goofy though.

I Wish

This response submitted by whitey fisk on 4/12/06 at 10:26 PM. ( )

I wish he did because his whitetail forms are top of the line. Far as I know he doesnt make any other forms but whitetails.

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