Need opinion please

Submitted by Mike on 4/15/06 at 12:29 AM. ( )

I mounted a muledeer for a show.I was pleased with everything except for one area. I build the clay up to much above one eye to much.I can not believe I made such a simple mistake-but I did.At any rate,I decided I would turn the mount on it's side and place a wet paper towel on the area hopeing to rehidrate the skin then re-wet the clay and reshape.The deer was mounted 5 days ago.I keep checking for softness.I worried about slippage.I have never done this before.Am I messing up.please give advice.Thanks in advance.

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Need more wet to it

This response submitted by Hogger on 4/15/06 at 4:09 AM. ( )

I think a mere paper towel is going to take forever. Take a hand towel and soak it, place it over the eye and wrap it with plastic wrap or plastic bag so that it's like taped to the head. That should soften it up pretty quick. If the cape was factory tanned and had no loose hair problems, you should be fine in regards to slipping. If you cant get the lump of clay to spread so that it doesnt look excessive, you can get to the clay from the eye opening and swipe some out with a tool and re-do the eye.

I don't know if this helps, but...

This response submitted by Tony J. on 4/16/06 at 12:42 AM. ( )

When I rehidrate an area, I always spray the area down with rubbing alcohal, then place a wet towel on it. When I was a kid, my dad used to put rubbing alcohal on my cuts and scrapes. I would feel the "STING" and say "IT BURNS!" Dad would say its killing all the germs. Ok, maybee he beat that in my head when I was a kid, but, I use it for everything. I spray it on nasty bullet holes. I use it on all furbearers ears when they come in the shop. I spray down the frozen deerhead as it thaws, due to the eyes and ears thawing way before the neck. It seems to work for me. Also you can buy 2 pints at the dollar Geneal Store for $1. Try it, I have yet to see a bobcat, fox, or coyote ear slip, when I know they have been taken care of properly.
Hope this helps, The above post is sound advise though!

Tony Johnson


This response submitted by Mike Stafford on 4/17/06 at 12:16 AM. ( )

Hey guys,thanks for the help.Both sides now match.Great advise for both guys.Tony,the next small mammal I do I will take your advise.

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