Take a look at my first two whitetail shoulder mounts

Submitted by scott on 4/18/06 at 10:53 PM. ( hall2016@bellsouth.net )

#1 is on left #2 is on the right, #2 buddy didn't give enough cape so I had to neck mount. #1 still has pins, I need to drive over to his house and take some pics without the pins, also if you can see it on deer #1 there is a little stringy thing hanging from his right antlers (your left)it was a piece of marrow or something and we left it on to add character. Please critique me and give some pointers.


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This response submitted by Mike on 4/19/06 at 8:47 AM. ( )

Why are you using so many pins? If you use a good hide paste, you shouldn't need any pins around the mouth or nose at all. I use three pins aound each eye and that's all on the entire mount.

ok ok ok

This response submitted by scott on 4/19/06 at 5:09 PM. ( )

so i went overboard with the pins but what do the mounts look like?


This response submitted by scott on 4/19/06 at 5:12 PM. ( )

is it too hard to see behind all the pins? lol

not bad

This response submitted by Chuck on 4/19/06 at 5:42 PM. ( cberg@cbarchery.com )

Those are about 10 times better than my first two. Keep it up and study study study. Good job

Slow down the drying time

This response submitted by Evelyn on 4/20/06 at 9:10 AM. ( )

Drying time is critical on a mount. If they dry too fast, you will end up with pulling and shrinkage around eyes and lipline, even with good glue. I put a regular plastic grocery bag over the head after mounting and check the deer a few times each day for about a week. Make your adjustments accordingly each time you check.

It all depends on where you live and what the humidity level is in your area. Sometimes I even mist the eyes a little to slow the drying down even more, especially when the relative humidity falls below 20%.

And Mike is right, if you use good glue, there is no need for all those pins. I use about three to four small T-pins around the lacryma and that's about it.

looks great

This response submitted by outdoorslover on 4/20/06 at 12:00 PM. ( )

to me. Nothing wrong I can tell. Great job.


This response submitted by scott on 4/20/06 at 5:40 PM. ( )

Thanks for the comments folks, I live in Louisiana so having plenty of humidity is no problem lol. I will work on my pin problem though.


This response submitted by benny on 4/22/06 at 9:35 PM. ( )

what the ? go to school or something dude...I mean really.

Keep working at it

This response submitted by joe j on 4/23/06 at 9:55 PM. ( )

They're not bad for your first try. As someone else stated, they are probably better than my first. But don't kid yourself, you still have a long way to go. Get some pictures of live deer, read every taxidermy article you can find, sign up for Breakthrough Magazine and keep plugging at it.

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