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Submitted by kris on 4/24/06 at 3:36 PM. ( nevillekris@yahoo.com )

First i will say i should of checked these out before throwing them in the freezer so i admit "my fault". But i purchased 2 deer capes from wings-n-things "2-12-06" and i just got to them the doe cape was i will say pretty good but the other buck cape damn i never seen so many holes there is over 12 holes in this cape ranging from no less then one inch to most over 3 inches, longest is 6 inches .All in the chest and lower neck very visable if not sewn right. Like i said this should have been checked out by me first before freezing but where the hell is the honesty in this. When you advertise a quality deer cape, sell a quality deer cape not something you obviously practiced fleshing with. This is my fault for not taking care of this before but i have a post it note on my lcd screen that has a list of who not to buy from and dear mr. wing-n-things you have been added to my list. This was a poor quality cape and if you all seen it i put my money were my words are you would agree. Now all of you can run your traps about this post but if it is not said this man with bad eye site will do this again to soemone, maybe you.

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This response submitted by Mike on 4/24/06 at 5:29 PM. ( )

Thanks for letting us know. I've been burned by unscrupulous people selling advertised undamaged capes on this site and when I got them they were full of holes and other damage. In addition to the business name of wing-n-things, could you please provide his or her actual name so that we can add them to our lists of people to avoid doing business with too. I just wish that more people like you would speak out when they get riped off like this on this site as it would get rid of more of these con artists. Thanks again for this post.

Bad Capes

This response submitted by Darren on 4/25/06 at 4:34 AM. ( shippdarren@hotmail.com )

Sorry to here about your capes. wings and things sounds verry familiar. Are they from Manitoba? I am a taxidermist here in Manitoba and I dont like hearing things like that.Tell me what size capes you need and if I have I will send them to you at no charge just pay the shipping and permits.

Take Care

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This response submitted by kris on 4/25/06 at 9:58 AM. ( nevillekris@yahoo.com )

Well i really appreciate the offer but i live in ohio and they would probably go bad by the time they got here, as for wings-n-things taxidermy where i bought them from i believe they are in the US cause if i remember they came pretty quick no custums nothing , i don't have they guys actual name all i can do is research threw paypal which is how i paid. His info is email WingsTaxidermy@aol.com buisness name is Wings-N-Things Taxidermy i did look threw the taxidermist listings by state and country and i see there is a wings and things in manitoba. but to be truthfull there must be 2 cause these where mailed from the US i think they came from iowa or something but this guy seems to know he did wrong cause he refuses to email me back.

If purchased through Paypal...

This response submitted by Craig on 4/25/06 at 11:41 PM. ( )

they have buyer protection for your purchases. Email the seller and explain the situation and that you feel the item was misrepresented. You can either ask for a refund and send the cape back or work something else out. If they decline simply explain the situation through a buyer complaint and get it straightened out. Paypal will do their best to make sure it is made right. Don't wait as there are time restraints for filing.

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