Submitted by whitey fisk on 4/26/06 at 10:58 PM. ( )

I was thinking about getting another air compressor and was wondering if's air compressors are any good? I want to make sure and get a good one, not just a cheap one that will tear up in a year. Are they a reputable company; has anybody else had any dealings with them?

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get one at your local farm supply

This response submitted by terryr on 4/27/06 at 1:59 AM. ( )

much cheaper and larger for same money


This response submitted by Mike on 4/27/06 at 2:06 PM. ( )

I bought one from Tractor Supply on sale. Even if you think you won't need it, I would recomend getting a large one with no less than five hourse power. I use my large compressor for many purposes and now find it indespensable.

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