Submitted by Chris on 4/28/06 at 12:25 PM. ( Csmith41284@comcast.net )

Got another one for you...How about positioning ears? I see in my catalogs earliners that come in the position you want (alert or back_), Ive seen regular earliners positioned by the taxidermist, or I ve seen no earliner with the natural ear butts? What do you recomend for posistioning your ears, and attaching them to the form.


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Bondo method

This response submitted by DeanM on 4/28/06 at 5:11 PM. ( )

I use the bondo method on most of my ears and clay to form the ear butts. this way I can put the ear in any position I want. They make ear liners with no ear butt and you can do the same thing it's up to you and what you want. the clay will hold the ear in place untill the hide dries and the position of the mount and the attitude you want to show will determin what position you will put the ear. Look at plenty of reference pictures and you will see. hope this helps you.

Ear magic

This response submitted by whitey fisk on 4/28/06 at 10:46 PM. ( )

I like the freedom of being able to set the ears any way you want to and some earliners wont let you do that.

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