Shipping Capes to Tannery?

Submitted by Mike on 10/2/99. ( )

I've always done my own tanning in the past, but this year hope to take in enough deer to make it worthwhile to enlist the services of a commercial tannery. I know how to prep them fine, what I'm curious about, is the methods and packaging used to ship them? I figure that dry salted capes,once folded will fit in the large cardboard boxes that mannikins are shipped in, however I don't expect many will fit in each box and I'm open to suggestions. I saved several of these boxes, but I'm looking at shipping 75 - 100 capes, and have no idea what to ship them in. How do you full-timers ship 150 capes or more? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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You have the right idea

This response submitted by Gary & Diana Kies on 10/2/99. ( )

You have the right idea. We receive lots of capes and hides in mannekin and form boxes. Most of the taxidermists we do work for ship via UPS. SOME NEVERS: Don't ship wet hides, most tannerys don't have the room to dry them. Don't ship in plastic bags or wrap hides in plastic. Always enclose permanent info. i.e, your name address telephone number inside the box. We receive several each year where the extra address has been destroyed and then we play defective.

If you don't have a tannery we would be happy to work with you. If you would like to contact us please give us a call at K & K Tannery & Fur Dressing, 517-523-3196 or e-mail

Tape is cheap...

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/2/99. ( )

be sure and use LOTS of packing tape on your boxes. WhenI ship my capes I use the boxes like you mentioned and get as many capes in a box that I can. If you take a little time you can get quite a few in these boxes, but beware if you stuff too many capes in these oversize boxes they can be distorted enough not to be under the UPS size limits. Use a reliable tannery and you will wonder why yopu ever did any capes yourself!! Good Luck.

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