Submitted by Tim on 10/2/99. ( )

I just got in a set of antlers that has about half of the velvet still attached. The deer was taken 7 days ago and has been in a meat locker. The velvet that is left is pretty dry. The client wants the velvet left on if possible. Any suggestions? Thamks, Tim

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Use Preservz-It on the Velvet!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/3/99. ( )

Tim - Prick the remaining velvet with a needle or something to open up access to the inner tissue. Be thorough and prick it all over. You must get access to it or it will provide bug food! I'm tempted to tell you to paint PI-641 on it then - but the best way is to then soak it in a solution of 1 fl. oz. PI-641 and 4 Ozs. of Borax to every 1 Gallon of Water used to completely submerge the antlers. Soaking is better - it will give the velvet a chance to absorb the fluid thoroughly, as well as give any dried fluids a chance to soak out of the velvet and into your solution. Leave the Antlers soak for 4-7 days. Then take them out, drain and let them dry. It will not hurt the already out-of-velvet part of the antlers.


This response submitted by Tim on 10/3/99. ( )

Thanks Bruce, I will give it a try. Tim

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