epoxy vs paste ?

Submitted by shelley on 11/1/99. ( AllTrails @aol.com )

I have mounted several deer with keypoxy,which is what I was taught to use and the only thing I've ever tried.They have all turned out great,but the problem is I'm a nervous wreck trying to get the skin where I want it before it starts to dry and I have a real hard time getting the air bubbles out.This puts me in such a frantic state ,you can hardly speak to me at this time,which is not good at all for business !I seen a seminar where they used what looked like thinned clay,is this hide paste? also I was reading another topic which disscussed bacteria,smelly,problems with humidity where hide paste was used.Is this a major concern when using hide paste, if so what can be recomended to lenghten my working time,I'm still kinda slow at the mounting process ?

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This response submitted by George Roof on 11/1/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

I've never used Keypoxy, but I've tried all the others. I am sold on a new paste from Newton Supply(800-888-2467). It is a semi-soft putty consistency when the two parts are mixed. I paint it on to the mannikens and I have approximately 6 hours though it will harden faster if you leave it in the mixing bowl (You can always slow it down by refrigerating it.) This is the very best paste for shoulder mounts since the consistency and surface tension of the glue allow you to complete your mount without pinning or carding. A relaxed hide pushed into a muscle contour will STAY in the contour. They also market a 5 minute epoxy that, when used properly, will NEVER drum on earliners. Best of all, you're done with the ear in 10 minutes and don't have to taxi the hide dozens of times during the rest of the mounting process.
Commercial epoxies are not intended for use on lifesized animals, however. They do harden too quickly. I have, however, done lifesized mounts in stages, mixing small batches to use as I work down the hide. The result was super. I just completed a lifesized whitetail and it saved a lot of time with winter hair patterns having to be regroomed after carding as well as drumming around the flanks and brisket areas.

Hide paste....

This response submitted by Dean on 11/1/99. ( MrWhytail@aol.com )

I use Dexterin based hide paste on all my whitetail mounts and dont have a problem with drumming and the working time is great. I can adjust the hide a day or two after its mounted.I do however mix Elmers wood glue into the mixture for added "stickyness". It works great .......


This response submitted by Tom K. on 11/1/99. ( dianne98@alltel.net )

I use killer glue on all My commercial W.T. deer with excellent results and I use the Bondo method in the ears (never had any problem with drumming) I buy the glue from McKenzie. Try it You will like it. Tom

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