Mounting Deer Antler Sheds

Submitted by Chris Brower on 10/8/99. ( )

Have taken in two pair of large Missouri Whitetail sheds that the customer wants made into antler mounts. I've read the magazine articles and catalogs for metal mounts and fiberglass skull plate reproductions (offered by Research Mannikins), and drilling and filling methods, and still can't decide which is the best way to go. Anyone have any suggestions?? I just want them to be as sturdy and secure as possible.


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This response submitted by George Roof on 10/8/99. ( )

Research and Van Dykes have the fake skulls while McKenzie has the metal brackets. Brackets are probably better but a little expensive. I use VanDykes, but I pull out the screw studs. Most times they are set at an angle that doesn't match the antler growth. I then sand off the cast end of the shed antler (the bump)and drill a hole in the center toward the center of the antler beam. I take the removed stud and fill the hole with Fast Set epoxy. I insert the piece into the antler and let set. Then I drill the skull cap oversized. I fill both holes with Fast Set and slip the studs down into the oversized holes. I sit and hold the sheds at the proper angle and tilt until the Fast Set seizes. I set them aside for about an hour and then I fill around the burrs with white Apoxy. Let set overnight and then mount as you would any antler set.

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