kinky hair

Submitted by scott herndon on 10/9/99. ( herbebe@aol .com )

Does anyone know how to get rid of kinky or curley hair that is a result of areas that a attempting to slip. i have used hair setting gel on area after mounting them placed plactic mesh over the area while drying but afterwards hair is still kinky. i wonder about using
hair straightners maybe like african americans use for this purpose anyone ever try such a thing or any ideas,

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hair trouble no trouble

This response submitted by Ken Graf on 10/9/99. ( )

Try useing a curling iron on medium heat .It works just press it gentily against the hair and move it up an down hope this helps Ken Graf

try this...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 10/10/99. ( )

Put the cape setting gel on thick, use a hair comb to get the pattern straight, pushed by the plastic mesh. Don't give the hair a chance to bounce back. When it's covered, pin it on. Sometimes it takes a couple of times to have it hold. I'm going to try the curling iron idea. That sounds easier.

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