Whitetail ear color

Submitted by Lance H on 10/10/99. ( )

everything I've seen leans toward paining the inner surface of the whitetail ear with a pale pink color. I've done that and it never looked right and today I know why. I've handled four whitetails in the past week and went face to face with one at ten feet from my deer stand and the inner surface of the ear on all these deer have been a milky white rather than pink. If anything, they had the palest hue of blue to them - no pink whatsoever. What do the rest of you guys and gals do for the inner ears?

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Your Right, most times

This response submitted by HUNTER on 10/11/99. ( )

I had the same question when I started. So i pulled out all of my
reference material. most whitetails I've caped or seen have had a
white inner ear, but I found several photos where the inner ear
appeared pink. I questioned a friend who told me his customers like
the pink fleshy look. I've compromised and I mix a touch of fleshtone
to my white until I get a more realistic color.
BOTTOM LINE -- reference material. Good Luck!

Absolutely Right

This response submitted by George Roof on 10/11/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

You're absolutely right. I've said the same thing for 40 years and for 40 years customers have insisted that I paint them that pale hue of pink. They also insist that the noses be painted soot black and shiney even though most I see are dark grey/Payne's gray fading out to pale pink at the lip.
So I paint noses black and ears pink. I know who pays for the groceries around here. I save my artistic appreciation for my own mounts and the few customers who notice those little things.

Vannah WHite?

This response submitted by Lance on 10/11/99. ( )

Fact is, I've yet to see a real whitetail deer that was all "Vannah'd" up like those leaving my shop. The customer pays the bills and if he wants his deer to wear a silly grin, I guess it's my responsibility to see that it has one. Even in my short time as a tax, I've come to realize that most customers have never seen a live deer up close enough to know what they truly look like. Our job is to recreate the embellished version that lives in their memory.

I disagree

This response submitted by deer lady on 10/11/99. ( )

I believe in doing the best most lifelike job possible- why do anything less, and charging for it. I don't mean do exact competition quality, but try to get close to it. I personally have alot to learn still, so i am not at the top notch level of the more experienced, but i am now using only the best materials to enhance the quality ( IQ eyes, nictitating membranes, etc). As taxidermists together, we should be doing it the way a deer looks, not how everyone thinks they look, and educating the public ( our customers included)as to what an art taxidermy really is. We should strive for perfection and if we all charged at a same basic level for the same high standard, taxidermy as a whole would be veiwed more favorably and customers would come to appreciate all they get for the price they pay, even if it is 100% higher than what Joe Schmoe Hacky up the road charges. Once educated by the entire industry, Mr Hacky would be put out of busness by our newly educated customer base. As an added note, I am saddened by the fact that the Smithsonian continues to display outdated, inferior mounts to people from all over the world. What kind of image does this give us to the general public? THINK


This response submitted by JACK BAKER on 10/13/99. ( )

The Smithsonian takes donations. Sign all your art work, it will be
worth more after your dead. Not many artist made millions while alive.
I agree animals should look natural, but the customers is always right
all you can do is inform them.

Deer Lady!!!

This response submitted by Leanna on 10/13/99. ( scardeer@cornernet.com )

I AGREE with you!! Now I'm really scared..just teasing!!! I guess I'm too dang stubborn to paint my ears pink and my noses black, because that's just not the "real look". Even if the customer specifies it, I won't do it. I explain to them why and show them why and they have been happy with the end outcome and appreciate my frankness. The customer is not always right, and I've always had the inclination to let them know that my whole life. In a very business like manner of course...usually...Anyways, the education of the customer seems to go appreciated more than not, because they believe that "I" should know the right way of things being that it's the profession I'm in, and most are okay with that. And if they are not okay with it, well , I'd just rather not mount the clown species of WT.

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