pre-set eye question that is related to the post on 10/15

Submitted by shane on 11/10/99. ( )

Hi all I am very new to mounting whitetails and I was reading the posts about pre-set eyes that was posted on 10\15. Ok so yall bear with me and dont laugh, so if the forms I order comes with the pre-set eyes does this eliminate the need for rolling the eyes? And if it does all I have to do is glue and pin right?

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Preset eyes

This response submitted by JJs Taxidermy on 11/11/99. ( )

Shave and skife those eyes paper thin to the edge.Use Good hide paste and then pin. I like an epoxy around the eye. You gotta get em thin or it they wont dry evenly against the eye. Contact Rinehart Supply for tech assistance as they are big into preset eyes

Do you mean tuck?

This response submitted by JimTucker on 11/11/99. ( )

If you mean tuck the eyes instead of roll the answer is yes. In fact you don't need to tuck the eyes regardless of pre-set or not. Many people still use the eye tuck method but I have found that if you are using a properly thinned and tanned cape the eyelids don't go anywhere. I just trim the eyes all the way out and use apoxie sculpt or critter clay around the eyes. Lay the skin in where it belongs and you should not have a problem.

yes i mean tuck

This response submitted by shane on 11/11/99. ( )

Im gonna wet tan the deer i wont do but about 5 or less this year for friends and family. Will it make that much of a differance if i just wet tan them instead of tanning them?

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