Old Antlers on a NEW DEER ??????

Submitted by T.L. Tuberville on 11/12/99. ( computer@seark.net )

I have a set of antlers that I've had for over 20 years (not real great, but it was my first buck). I have only the antlers. We were really too poor to afford to get the deer mounted. We cut a very large portion of the skull cap around the antlers (behind the eye downward and from the middle of the ear downward to the previous cut.

Anyway, I don't have a clue what can be done with taxidermy or if it is even possible to mount these antlers on a recently killed deer. Is that possible? I don't know anything about taxidermy or even how mounting a deer is accomplished, but someone told me it could be done.

Can anyone point me to the truth of the matter?



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This response submitted by Bo on 11/12/99. ( pearsontaxidermy@att.net )

Tony, that is done all the time. Any competent taxidermist can do it.

Deer Skin

This response submitted by Lianne on 11/12/99. ( )

What you need is the skin from the shoulders and head of another deer or the "cape". Besides the antlers, this is the only thing that is "real" on a deer mount. A taxidermist or hunting buddies may be able to supply you with a new cape of an appropriate size.

Thank You

This response submitted by Tony on 11/12/99. ( computer@seark.net )

Thank you very much. I suppose now, all I need to do is to harvest another nice buck and just have my old antlers mounted on it. Thanks guys.

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