How do I prepare deer feet for gun mount?

Submitted by Gil Delima on 10/12/99. ( )

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to prepare two deer feet for a gun mount. The feet are in the freezer at this time. Any help is greatly apprciated. Thanks

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Gun Racks

This response submitted by George Roof on 10/12/99. ( )

Remove everything inside the skin except the dew claws and the hooves. That means taking it down to the LAST JOINT. I use curved fish shears to get all the bone out and keep from cutting the hide from the inside.
Then order a set of gunrack mannikens from BUCKEYE. They have, without a doubt, the very best foot forms on the market. They are molded to include the last joint. I file out the gap between the toes and pull the interdigital gland through and tie it on the back side. Then complete the stitching. You will find that you need now papier mache and just a spot of potter's clay to finish a great job.

Look Back thru Deer postings

This response submitted by Turtle on 10/13/99. ( )

Look back thru the deer postings and I believe you will find several postings about deer feet. A couple of the tax. catalogs even have a deer foot form that includes the hooves and dew claws. I have used them before and they work great if you get the proper size. If in doubt, ask the salesperson when you call in the order. They pretty much know from experience which size form you need by the weight of the deer. I think McKenzies has them. Turtle

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