Cape Thread

Submitted by Leanna on 10/15/99. ( )

I need to order another spool of thread for my game heads. The last thread I used was heavy duty bonded polyester (tan in color). It worked well enough, although it would break at times (no cussing there!) and I'm wondering what you guys like using best. I'm contemplating the B-50 bowstring and the super-pro thread WASCO sells.
Would anyone care to slide me some pros and cons on different cape threads? Thanks muchly!

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Have you thought about artificial sinew?

This response submitted by John C on 10/15/99. ( )

I tried this a Joe Meders, since then I have ordered some from Tom Powell Supply. It works great you seperate the thread and it lays flat, pulls thru very well. I think, I will continue with it. Myself I prefer the smaller stuff for smaller stitches. Less work than some of the well rope, I have seen used. John C

No body else has thread experiences?!!

This response submitted by Lea on 10/18/99. ( )

Thanks John, I'll check into that one.
And thanks to you too George, as usual your e-mail helped bunches!



This response submitted by L on 10/18/99. ( )

I see, site must have been down to everyone this weekend? Thought it was just me and my feeble attempts at getting on the Taxidermy Net a couple times this weekend. Hope to hear more on cape thread....

More Cape Thread ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/18/99. ( )

Hey there Leanna/Lea/L ...

Wow three name alterations in practically no time! A new record!

Jonas has the same strong sewing thread as the WASCO Pro-Thread, PLUS it comes in different colors! I bought it in the standard Black, as well as a real nice dark Brown, and they also sell it in White. It's a heavy-duty dacron sewing thread. It sells for $9.25 a spool. I now have plenty in stock ... I love it!

Best to all ... John B.

musky mono

This response submitted by jjs taxidermy on 10/22/99. ( )

try musky mono fishing line on your cape incisions-2 27 lb test

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