That's not varnish on those antlers!!!

Submitted by Doug M. on 10/19/99. ( )

I need some help with this one. A friend talked me into mounting a deer for him using one of my spare capes. This is a deer his dad shot many years ago and it will be a surprise Christmas present for "Dad".

When he approached me about this he said the antlers had been varnished. OK. Not a huge problem. When I got the antlers I discovered that they had been covered with fiberglass resin!

What's the best way to get this off the antlers? Acetone? Will acetone damage the antler itself? If not acetone, what will work? This is a first for me (why do people do this to antlers anyway?!!!)

Any and all helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Doug M.

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This response submitted by George Roof on 10/20/99. ( )

You have a real problem. Acetone will not cut through hardened expxy well enough to eliminate it. MEK or styrene may do a better job, but they too will take forever. My suggestion is to remove the antlers, tie a rope on them, and throw them in a pond. Let them set ther for a week or so. Take them out and (if they'll fit) put them in a microwave. Hopefully the water will osmosis up the beams and when you nuke them, the steam will disbond the epoxy from inside rather than topically. Good luck.

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