Tecnaglu earliners

Submitted by jim on 10/21/99. ( )

Has anyone used tecnaglu with plastic earliners? Do the earliners have to be ruffed up for this method ? What is the set time for tecnaglu? Does the ear still have to be painted?

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Tecnaglu Response

This response submitted by Paul on 11/6/99. ( )

To answer your question of 10/21 on the tecnaglu earliner adhesive, Rough up plastic ear liners like you would normally would with 100 grit sandpaper or something similar. Make sure earliner is of proper size to ear. Remove ear cartlidge for best results. Glue sets up within a couple days depending on how wet ear was when mounting. Glue is white in color which make ear dry in a natural color state. No painting is necessary except maybe down inside ear base. Good Luck

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