Thank You Buckeye Mannikins, Bill Yox, and Harvey Mohr!

Submitted by John Bellucci on 10/22/99. ( )

A long, long, time ago ... hey, sounds like the opening to the Don McClane song "American Pie". Anyway, I was chatting it up one night with Bill Yox, and asked him his opinion on the new Buckeye Mannikins earliners. He told me they were the best, and once I tried them I would never want to use anything else. Well he was right!

I just started using them this year, and I've got to tell you all, these things are so thin around the tips and the edges, that you'd swear there is no liner at all in the deer's ears! It is INCREDIBLE! Buckeye Mannikins has an absolute WINNER in these earliners!

I also tried a product that has not yet been introduced to the market. It is a "liquid" or "pourable" version of "Jaw Juice" ... the product developed by Harvey Mohr for gluing flexible tongues onto rigid plactic jawsets.

The pourable Jaw Juice was brushed right onto the earliner in a nice even coating, without any prep-work done to the earliner. The ear skin was taxied into place, firmly pressed into tight contact with the earliner, and the hair patterns lined up and groomed into proper place. The cape was then set aside to allow the glue to start setting up while I further prepped the headform.

After about a half-hour, forty-five minutes or so, I checked the ears and to my great satisfaction, the Jaw Juice had started to set up. I did some additional pressing of the ear skin to the liner, and laid them down again for another twenty to thirty minutes, and I'm telling you, those earliners were in to stay.

The next day, when the ears had fully dried, there was no drumming to be felt anywhere in those ears. I also used this pourable Jaw Juice on the face, neck and shoulders of the deer, and there was NO DRUMMING AT ALL!

I just felt like sharing this with all of you readers of the forum. From the recommendation of a fellow taxidermist, I now have a new earliner of choice for deer. And from the mind of a great innovator, a great adhesive soon to be released to the public.

I will be conducting further tests of this pourable Jaw Juice on lifesize as well as African game mounts. I shall make reports on this method here as well as in the pages of Breakthrough Magazine.

Best regards to all ... John B.

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