Submitted by SCOTT on 10/22/99. ( )

I had an Amish fellow stop in the shop today!
He was wondering if I could make a Blanket out of some deer hides for him for when they are in there Horse buggies TO COVER THERE BODIES....Is this possible? I understand the soft tan technique.and have made many soft tan hides But What happens when the snow or rain falls on the hides? Is this possible wont the leather shrink? Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank You

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Not a good idea!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/23/99. ( )

With hair-on skins being used where they recieve wear - there is definately a problem with the hair drying out and snapping off (or shedding) as they age. You should warn your customers of this. That unless they are willing to accept hair on their clothes - it simply isnt a good idea. Deerskins are best meant for wall trophies - not buggie blankets or to cover chairs. You can spray them with a liquid lanolin wig spray to retard the shedding - but it only slows it down, and they may soil their clothes as they also rub off the lanolin. In Alaska the eskimos used air dried Reindeer skins as blankets in their sleds - they simply used them until they had bald spots and threw them away. They told me it simply wasnt worth salting and tanning them if they were going to shed anyway!!!!!!

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