What size form

Submitted by Dan R on 11/13/99. ( deerstuffer@hotmail.com )

I got a real mazzive 7 point on the opening of our muzzleloader season last week. His neck measurement jut behind the ears was 16&1/2" hair off and 18&1/2" with the hair on. With the hided slaved could I go with a 17&1/2" form or should I stay with the smallest measurement? This is probably going to be my first Comp mount so I want it to be perfect. Any advise will be well received!

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Run what you have

This response submitted by CHUCK on 11/13/99. ( KPartak )

You already stated this is going to be a comp piece,why make it harder to get perfect(trust me the judges won't think it is anyway)go with what you have or even go the next fraction of an inch smaller so that between your stitching and natural shrinkage you won't get any drumming or stitch separation.good luck on it and be sure to let us all know how it turns out CHUCK

Is that above the ATLAS?

This response submitted by John C on 11/13/99. ( )

It that above the atlas? or around it?

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