Tumbling Media Problem

Submitted by Tony on 11/15/99. ( tholder85@yahoo.com )

I have been using wood flour in my tumbler and, while it gives a heck of a sheen to the hair, I am having fits trying to get it off of the flesh side of the cape. Does anyone out there use this kind of media and do you have any suggestions on how to remove it from the flesh side? I have tried to blow it off with compresses air to no avail and nothing else seems to work either. Is there a way to get it off or should I just switch to a larger hardwood chip type media?


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Use a Caging Drum or Switch!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/17/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Tony - use a Caging Drum if you can. At least a 6 footer so you have plenty of drop. Its simply a dry sawdust drum but instead of covering the curved side its replaced with mesh. It saves a lot of blowing with an air hose and beating. Otherwise - if its impractical right now - go to the slightly larger sized grain sawdust. I use a "red tag" type that is consistently sized at about a 1/16" and it works well. Actually you may see more shine since I think it provides more friction on the tips. If you need info on different Sawdust suppliers and their addresses and phone numbers - let me know we send out a free info sheet on it.

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