Here's a different kind of EAR question

Submitted by Tony on 11/16/99. ( )

I am battling a different ear question. When setting the ears in position, do you set them in proportion to the antlers or the head. Let me clarify myself. Most deer's antlers come out at slightly different angles and have slight variations. I am presently working on a deer with large main beams and when I align the ears to be proportionate with the antlers, they look disproportionate to the head and when I align the ears to be proportionate to the head they look out of wack with the antlers. Catch 22! What is the best way to go? Please give me some advise before they dry and I am committed.


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Lets try this...

This response submitted by Bill on 11/16/99. ( )

I dont want to offend you, BUT...can the deer move the origin of his ear canal at the skull? Of course he cant. He can only rotate it as best he can so he can cup the outer portion of the ear to collect sound. Soooo, I would say to stick with the anatomy you know to be true and try to focus his ears as the deer did in life. UNLESS you might want to take some artistic license and "adjust" it to look more pleasing to the eye for the wall. Not my style, but I have to admit we, as commercial taxidermists, are trying to please the customer. I would rather educate them, but there is sometimes a fine line...Back to square one again, eh, Tony? Let us know how you make out.

Mount Then For The Deer, Or Throw Them Rearward!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 11/16/99. ( )

Hi Tony,

When building the ear butts on any horned mammal and placing them on in position, the best rule of thumb, is to remember just where in the anatomy they "sprout" from.

The top muscles of the ear butts lay across the top of the skull just behind the antlers or horns. When they are drawn forward they raise ever so slightly as these muscles bunch together. The top of the ears themselves can only ride under the beams, no matter what the size or angle of those beams.

Yes, this sometimes produces very goofy looking deer. Hey, it happens! But when it does, it is sometimes best to rotate the ears in a rearward position. This eliminates the problem of a goofy-looking deer, and can put it all into "balance."

Hope this has helped you out some.

Best to you ... John B.

Thanks, guys. Natural is better!!

This response submitted by Tony on 11/16/99. ( )

I am going to do it natural, as yall suggested. I wanted to do it this way to begin with
but I was reluctant due to the uneven appearance of the ears because of the antlers. The
deer is going to put his ears in different positions regardless of his antlers and he definitely
doesn't care how they look!!! Thanks again, guys!


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