does the ear cartlidge have to be removed

Submitted by Brad on 11/17/99. ( )

Does the ear cartlidge in a deer have to be removed when using dry preserve or tanning.

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Brad, it depends on your method of preparing the ears.

This response submitted by Tony on 11/17/99. ( )

If you are going to use bondo in your ears you want to leave the cartlidge in as oppossed to removing the cartlidge if you are planning to use earliners. I have tried both ways and am preferring the bondo method for my ears. I would say to you to try it both ways and see which way you prefer. The same principal will apply to either dry preservative or tanning. Let me know how you come out.

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This response submitted by Craig on 11/18/99. ( )

If you are sending them out for tanning do not remove the cartilage. Turn the ear almost to the edges and salt dry. Upon return from tannery soak up hide then remove cartilage. This prevents the ears from popping during the tumbling process at the tannery.
If your question is as to whether to remove the cartilage for mounting using in-house preservation methods then this depends on whether or not you are using the bondo method or using an ear liner. Bondo method leave it in. Ear liner remove it . Bill Yox told me once that there is only room for one or the other in there but not both. It is very important to turn the ears to their very edges to prevent curling down the road. Take your time with this and even if you pop an edge yourself just use fine needle and thread to repair.
One last point...I always take measurements of the ear prior to skinning, length and width as I never remove the cartilage in one piece. I prefer the Buckeye earliners with Buckeye supreme hide paste.
Hope this helps. If not feel free to E-mail with questions.

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