Skull Mount Attachment Questions

Submitted by James Morrison on 11/18/99. ( )

I have gone back through the archives and read all the post on Euro-mounts (thanks for the link Ken). I found 1 post that delt with attatching the skull to the panel and I have to be honest, I didn't understand it. I would like to hear from more of you on how you attach to the panel. I have tried twising stainless wire into a countersunk area on back of the panel to epoxy on the parts of the bone that touches the wood. I am not comfortable with any way that I've done it. I know someone out there has mastered this task, please share it with me. Thank you for your time.

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Euro Mount

This response submitted by George Roof on 11/18/99. ( )

I guess I'm a little confused. Once you've skinned the cat, it makes no difference how you did it. Both ways you describe work equally well.
I tried to get fancy once by imbedding a barrel nut in the brain cavity filled with bondo and chopped fiberglass. I installed a bolt covered with vaseline into the barrel nut while it was setting. Once hardened, I unscrewed the bolt. Then came the problem. I drilled a hole in the panel center, installed the bolt and tightened it until it squeaked. I turned the panel over and found the beautiful mount was about 1/2 inch off center, the teeth had indented the walnut, and when I tried to redrill a proper placement hole, the previous gouges showed. Cost me another panel.
Today, I fill the brain cavity with the same bondo and let it harden. Then I drill and countersink a hole on the panel back. I position the skull where I want it, and run a #12, 3 inch screw into the bondo. Then I drill another hole about an inch lower or higher (depending where the brain cavity falls on the panel), countersink it, and install a second screw into the bondo. Never had a problem so far. The skull and teeth would break before the screw would disbond.

Similar method

This response submitted by Terry on 11/19/99. ( )

I use a similar method only I have sawed off the bottom of the skull cavity and this includes the teeth. The skull now sets directly on the panel as compared to the "nose" of the skull being elevated. Since the ventral side of the brain cavity now has a larger opening, I then cut an appropriate size(small) piece of an oak board (I have lots of scraps). Making sure it will fit, I then fill the brain cavity with bondo, put the oak in place, bondo around it and let harden. Note: oak is needed as softer woods simply separate when attaching with screw. Next, position the skull where you want it to determine where to drill the hole in the panel. Remove skull drill hole. Now, put skull back in the correct position, run a smaller nail or point through hole and into oak to mark where to drill. Drill hole and attach. You might want to adjust and drill another hole (close to the first) through panel and into oak to stop any chance of spinning. It should now be very secure and all work hidden. Hope this helped! Terry


This response submitted by Terry on 11/19/99. ( )

I assumed you were talking about european antler mounts, if not, sorry.

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