first mule deer

Submitted by shane on 11/18/99. ( )

I just recived a nice mule deer buck to mount from a friend even though ive never mounted one before and only one whitetail are there any major differances as far as skinning and fleshing? Or any tip you may have please leave. Thanks

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This response submitted by Frank on 11/18/99. ( )

Skin flesh tan mount all the same.

reference photos

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/20/99. ( )

Shane, do yourself a favor and invest in reference photos found in almost any catalog. WASCO, I think has the best. Get a set for every animal you do,include it in your price. Mule deer have darker ears, mainly, and the eyes don't have the flesh tone the same either. Otherwise, as Frank said, they are basically the same.

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