Laquer or varnish on antlers and stained antlers

Submitted by Brad on 11/30/99. ( )

I have a large set of whitetail antlers that have either high gloss laquer or varnish on them. How can I take the finish off and not take off the original color on the antlers. Can the original sheen of the antlers be obtained after doing so? Also if a set of antlers were stained and the antlers were good hard polished horn, not chalky, can the stain be taken off to attain the original color?

Thanks, Brad

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This response submitted by George Roof on 11/30/99. ( )

Take the antlers outside and wrap them in a towel. Pour MEK (Lowe's carries it) over the towel and let set. When it dries, repour the MEK. Remove the towel and your varnish or lacquer will be blistered or removed. USE RUBBER GLOVES AND RESPIRATOR! Wipe the antler clean. If they need stain, use Minwax Dark Walnut. Wiper the stain off. No take a jar and mix 50:50 Linseed Oil/Turpentine. Paint the antlers heavily and let set for 30 minutes. Wipe excess off. Antlers will look fresh and new.


This response submitted by Frank on 12/1/99. ( )

If the antlers were stained, you can not remove it. Bone is somewhat porus and can take on stain. The stain gets deep in the pores and will not come out. So your best bet here is to restain them. Follow what George has said, he guided you well.
PS-you can use different colors of stain to obtain different shades. Some have dark and some high puritain color-(minwax)

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