Deer Antler Repair

Submitted by Earle on 12/2/99. ( )

My son just got his first whitail - a nice 8 point. We're not going to mount the head, just the antlers on a nice plaque. My question is this. The last point on the right main beam was broken off some time during the late velvet stage (it exibits a little growth and some rubbing where it would have been). I'd like to try and restore this point(replicate it?) and would appreciate any suggestions on what to use and how to go about it? I do custom pistol work (wood and metal) so I'm not unfamiliar with carving, shaping, etc. Also have airbrush.

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This response submitted by Frank on 12/3/99. ( )

Drill a small hole in the anlter to acept wire 14-12 gauge would be fine here. Then I mix up some epoxy all-game, sculp-all your choice and mix in some paint ( yellow orche and some browns trying to acheive the color of the rack. Install the wire in the hole and use 5 mim epoxy to set it up. Then apply the epoxy and shape. Good Luck

Try this

This response submitted by Jeep on 12/3/99. ( )

I repair lots of damaged and broken items with auto body plastic,you can mould it,shape,sand,color with ease,it also can be sculped just before it sets hard.
By the way if you haven't purchased your antler mount yet you might want to take a look at one that we are making out of hi relief cast iron.
Our EZ ANTLER MOUNT may be for you. Bill

Replacing missing tine

This response submitted by Scott Tiffany on 12/5/99. ( )

Try This:
Make a mold off of the tine on the side with
hot glue or silacone;(spray a release agent on it first).
pour your new tine out of (pour-a-kast);(available at
a taxidermy supply co.).Drill hole in antler and tine,
insert wire and put together with (sculpt all);(also
available at co.)let dry over night,then
stain with light brown skin dye;wipe off with dry cloth
then stain with dark brown;wipe off until desired
color is achived.
This process works very well for me.I have done
several and you can't tell the difference.
Good Luck,

Up date on email address

This response submitted by JEEP on 12/7/99. ( )

Our email address has changed to Thanks,Bill

Why fool with Mother Nature?

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 12/9/99. ( )

If it is a "nice" 8 point why not just display it as is? Every hunter wants to kill a deer with a perfect symetrical rack but lets be realistic. Deer go through some very rough times in the wild and broken tines are just a part of it. It doesn't make the rack any less desirable only more interesting. Every whitetail rack is different and that is what makes each so interesting. Every time I look at the racks of deer that I killed or talk with other hunters about their deer with broken tines I just comment by saying " think how big the deer must have been that did that damage." This in turn reminds me of why I pursue the mighty whitetail...that someday I'll kill that perfect speciman.

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