hidemaster glue

Submitted by Brad on 12/3/99. ( bschindler@ecol.net )

has anyone out there used hidemaster from the mackenzie catalog yet

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Mackenzie catalog?

This response submitted by Ken on 12/4/99. ( lazarus@indy.net )

I haven't even been able to get a mackenzie catalog.


This response submitted by Buck on 12/5/99. ( )


We use it on all our gameheads. Mix it in equal parts, not by weight. Anyway it is tougher to use than say, dextrin as the working time is less than 4 hours. It is like honey when you put it on the form and you will need to use the hide puller to get the cape in place. The advantage is that it "vacumn seals" the cape to the form...muscles and veins in the face will show after drying. You will still need brads/carding/necking material in some areas of detail to hold them overnight. We tore an old mount apart and the hide was almost impossible to get off the form. With that said, you need to take a good look at your mount once on the drying wall because it will be set the next morning. Good Luck.

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