rebuilding 4 inches of main beam? How do I do it?

Submitted by Tony Dingess on 11/21/99. ( )

I have a deer head with four inches of the main beam (including a point as well) broken, the customer wants me to rebuild. What should I use, and where do I start?

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What I'd do...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 11/21/99. ( )

You can take another disposable antler that matches, drill into the beam and the repair part and attach them together with apoxie sculpt over a wire (about 9 gauge) and blend in. Or... attach the wire to the repair by drilling a hole and form the wire to shape, then apoxie sculpt the whole thing. If you color the apoxie sculpt with paint to match, it's easier to hide the repair.


This response submitted by George Roof on 11/21/99. ( )

I can never find another antler to match, so I recreate the whole thing. Drill 3 holes in both ends of your antler between the break. I use 10 gage wire so I drill it oversized. Then I dip the ends of the wire on one end into fast set epoxy, and set into the oversized hole. Let dry. Now, test fit the wires into the other broken tip. When you have them cut to the proper size, dip them into epoxy and set them the same way. You now have a bridge over the gap. Cut a small block of wood and wedge it between the wires where your missing point will be and imbed 2 or 3 vertical wires in it. Then I take "safety wire" and wrap the beam and the tine to get the basic armature. THEN I take Apoxie and color it to an almond color (most antlers are this color inside. I rebuild the basic antler form just to cover the wires and let dry. When dry, I mix white, brown, yellow, and black to get the basic color of the antler. I mold the colored Apoxie over the hardened and shape it with lots of water. Wit my fingernail, I cut veins. As it dries, work it to a matching point and "terrain" of the other antler. Let dry for a day. Then I fine sand the repair so that the tips "ivory" and I buff it with Scotch Brite. A little paste wax is buffed on, and you're finished.

mold it

This response submitted by S. Ostertag on 11/22/99. ( )

I attendended a seminar by supply Mike Noonkester Supply at the mini course and learned a simple technique of molding them. He showed several ways, one was w/ hot melt glue (He made it look easy, I haven't had much luck) also w/ Alginate (I use this one). find a similar shaped tine from your customers antlers mold w/ alginate then use poar-a-mold for the positive. it colors well and it carves easily for a nice blend to the original. Theres probably a video from that show available it was a couple years ago and was on molding. If your'e intrested and want more detailed info. e-mail me.

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